Attaching a Rifle Scabbard, Bow Scabbard or Camp Tool Scabbard to Your Saddle

There is not only one proper solution to connect a gun scabbard to your saddle. I’ve seen rifle scabbards slung on horses many alternative methods. Simply watch a number of outdated John Wayne films and you will note leather-based rifle scabbards on the (close to) left facet of the horse and on the off (proper) facet, inventory ahead and inventory dealing with towards the rear. Whichever manner you select, crucial factor is that it really works for you.

Rifle Scabbards and Shotgun Scabbards

I personally cling my Rifle Scabbard on the off-side of the horse. The butt is towards the entrance at about horn top and the rifle barrel angled barely towards the again. This is why:

  • The barrel of the rifle extends beneath my stirrup leather-based and I by no means know it is there.
  • This retains the burden on the entrance quarters of the horse the place he can carry it greatest.
  • I cling my rifle scabbard on the off-side of my horse in order that on the off likelihood I ought to spot sport whereas within the saddle, I can pull my rifle out earlier than I dismount.
  • Additionally, in the event you cling the gun scabbard on the close to facet of the horse, it provides that rather more weight to tip the saddle when mounting. Hanging the gun scabbard on the off-side will help offset your weight when mounting.


Should you use an open ended leather-based or nylon rifle scabbard and cling it with the butt towards the rear, bear in mind that your rifle may find yourself lacking. I’ve heard many tales the place of us have discovered their rifle manner again on the path as a result of they by no means knew it had been snagged on a department and yanked out of the gun scabbard.

By way of precise attachment, most rifle scabbards have two units of straps. I loop the strap by the butt of the rifle via the gullet of my saddle. I connect the decrease strap to my flank cinch dee ring. If you wish to connect your rifle scabbard with the butt towards the rear, connect the higher strap to any obtainable dee ring on the again of your saddle. Or, if you do not have rings, tie the scabbard on by working your saddle strings via the strap on the scabbard. Then connect the decrease strap to the entrance rigging ring. These are simply strategies. Most scabbards may have straps lengthy sufficient to give you many choices of attachment to place your rifle scabbard the place you need it.

Bow Scabbards

When hanging a Bow Scabbard on my saddle, I safe it to the rear of the saddle behind the cantle and angle it barely ahead in order that my bow is dealing with towards the rear with the quiver to the surface. I desire this attachment in order that my horse is free to show tightly to the fitting with out being hindered by the bow. And as soon as once more, the burden of the bow and bow scabbard are on the alternative facet from me once I mount the horse, serving to to offset my weight as I mount and dismount.

I take advantage of my saddle strings within the rear to tie the bow scabbard on via the higher straps. My spouse’s saddle has rings on the again, so she loops the straps via these rings. I connect the decrease straps to my entrance rigging ring.

Pack Saws and Camp Axes

I desire to connect my noticed scabbard with the noticed deal with tied to the again strings and the blade coming slightly below my leg. I often pack my camp axe on my pack mule to the surface of a mantied load, however you may actually connect it to your saddle in the event you desire an axe. An axe sheath is designed with rings to tie your saddle strings to. This hangs the axe at an angle the place it’s straightforward to safe the deal with out of your manner. And, as at all times, I desire to hold my pack noticed on the off facet of the horse.

Steadiness the Load

Wherever you determine to hold your bulk small pistol primers rifle scabbard, bow scabbard or pack noticed scabbard in your saddle, you will need to stability the burden loaded in your horse. Since you might have simply added weight to 1 facet of the saddle, you’ll want to offset it by including as a lot weight to the opposite facet. You are able to do this by packing heavier gadgets within the horn luggage or horse saddlebags on the alternative facet out of your scabbard. You’ll want to weigh your scabbard so you know the way a lot further weight it provides to raised offset it. Do not forget that horses carry weight greatest over their withers, so the extra weight you may stand up entrance, the higher.

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